Friday, September 28, 2012


What does this picture make you think of or thoughts on it

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Song of the weekend 9/28-9/30

Wake me up before you go go by WHAM!

I don't give a fuck what your doing or where your at, but atleast play this song one time this weekend.  try me it puts you in a great mood.

George if you read this, fuck you, I don't care if you can't stand this song,  but I still love ya anyways!


"Bad" words are used in my every daily speech.  Why as a society say "You can't say that"?  It's bad to swear around your kids, and god forbid you swear around another persons.  Why do we try not to use these words around kids?  Are we really protecting them for something, or do we just not want to be the blame when our kid tells someone to fuck off!  They're gonna hear 'em, definately will use them, but why is it wrong?  now I'm not trying to justify myself by any means, in my opinion I have a very very bad potty mouth, hell when I call my boy at work and tell him too take me off speaker, he goes " Aww man".  I asked why he does that today on a call, his rebutal, " Cuz i know your gonna be cursing up a storm about something!"  (HA).  Sad, but true.  Back to my point though,  I have a theory that people think its wrong to curse around children, cause they don't wanna be the one who are called "terrible" cause they curse around their children.  At the end of the day YOU can not, will not, STOP bad words passing your kids ears.  They're fucking everywhere man, TV, music, movies, that delusional vietnam vet begging for change.  They will hear it, so why is it such a big deal.  My parents swore round me all the time growing up,  deny it all they want, but hey.  For the state of the society we live in, I think we got bigger problems than your  or my kids saying hiney or weiner.  Ive probably been swaering since I could talk, hell as legend has it, my sister had me watching "cheech and chong up in smoke" when I was 5, my dad came and Iyell at him " Dad, guess what they're smoking?.......DOG SHIT!!!"  As humorous it is to me now, who gets blamed, the writers of the film,  my sister for allowing me to watch it?  Depends on how you look at it.  It didnt make me all fucked up in the head from it. I don't butcher people beacuse of it, or numerous other things people do, but choose to blame everyone but themselves.  Now don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for " bad" words, I've violated this, but I'll admit it " slipped".  (BULLSHIT it did).  I chose to use those words. (Who?)  I CHOSE TO USE THE GODDAM FUCKING WORDS!!!  At the end of the day as adults, and or parents we decide what children absorb, but can we really prevent them.  Im pretty sure Ed Gein probably had a good upbringing,  it just so happened HE chose to kill people, wear their skin, tuck his balls between his legs and sing Im so pretty.  You know how many times I watch the news, someone's kid did somethingwrong, and the parents like, " Not my kids child, I DID NOT raise him that way!"  TRUE it may be, BUT at the end of the day your child was influenced by someone or thing elsewhere.  My point is you can't prevent everything a child will say or do.  One day he or she will have to step out into society and make their own minds up.  Now this isn't me telling you to say FUCK your kids, let them do what ever they feel, Im not influence as fit.  Some parents are worse than other, but please don't jump my shit the next time my kid flips you the bird, and say GO FUCK YOURSELF,  you probably deserved to hear that anyways if you think off.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Prodigal Son

Its not always easy making your way through life, atleast for me it's never been that way.  I've always tried to move to my own groove no matter what, choosing to do certain things on my way make up who I am today I'd like to say.  Ive been high, laughed, cried, been pissed off, satisfied, dissappointed, hell I even had a gun pulled on me just cause I had to do shit MY WAY, no matter what anybody has told me.  Don't get me wrong I have never been one to get down and dirty with hardcore (ha) drugs as some would say, never slept with over ten women or more than one woman at once, but that does not mean I haven't lived.  I decided after I graduated High school I was going to the workforce, fuck everyone who said college, I didnt give a fuck.  I was lost in that typical American instant gratification mindset.  Today Im like "Man, shoulda went to school".  Do I regret that...NO.  Looking back on shit I have done in life, I really do not regret much.  Why not? you ask.  Well because I take everything you do in life is a learning experience, whether the outcome be good or bad,  why regret it.  You atleast learned from the exerience and can go on from there, and use those experiences as "teachers aids" as to do or not do.  Now Im not saying to yell " Fuck authority!!" or anything like that but... well my father put it best..." A wise man learn's from his mistakes...A brilliant man learns from others"  or something along those lines. (HA!)   Im also not saying live your life sheltered or keep your children protected from the world, don't get me wrong this world's can be pretty nasty, but it can be beautiful as well.  Now had I listened to my best friend ( who I love do death, known for years would do ALMOST anything for)  I would not have stopped on my bike in a bad section of Philadelphia and ask for directions, eventually having a gun drawn along the way.   But shit like that today, Im like, WOW, shit got real, shoulda listened to my boy.  Well now I know what not to do.  We laugh on it now, but shit could of hit the fan all because I was an angry 15 yr old who didnt give a fuck.  But like I said some shit is ok to learn on your own.  Now every persons situation has it own circumstances, but be true to yourself and do what you "THINK" is right.  Might not be at that moment, but fuck it.  Life is gona end some day, but in the mean time let's learn as much as we can frome one another and atleast try to improve our society as a whole for all the people to come after us.



Sold out and head ache

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This band blew my mind back in the day.  I can still remember them coming out like yesterday.  It was all fuck the world cause were gonna dominate it, now, its like we are "artisist" and as artist we grow.  Fuck that I listened to the self- titled album and Iowa album over and over again back in the day, hell I heard the secret song "eeyore" only because I fell asleep listening to the album, heard people talking and thought a party was happening.

Songs like "wait and bleed", "eyeless", " get this" "people = shit", " disasterpiece" blew, just blew my fucking mind.  Than the band took a break, some did solo projects, I ll admit "Stone Sour"s first album rocked with its fucking eerie ass vibe it gave me.

Then they released " Vol:3 the Subliminal Verses", took me a step back at first, but I was like "eh It's doable".  "Duality" and "Before I Forget' got plenty of play time on the radio and MtV.  I had my thoughts but okay I except it for what it was.  " Virus of Life" and "Pulse of the Maggots" atleast had that slipknot edge.  They won a Grammy, blah blah blah, and released another dvd.  Watching Clowns interview had me cracking the fuck up he said something like (while holding grammy award)  this is what I strive for,  I tell kids if you want it, you got to work hard.   Fuck that shit.  Two years ago your telling me be proud your different, fuck what the mainstream tells you.  He goes on.

Finally Im brought to " All hope is gone"  Mindfucked.  "psychosocial" brings the slipknot vibe back, but than you here "dead memories" and " snuff"  and Im like WTF?!!!  Slipknot writes love songs now?  Back when the album came out Slipknot guitarist Jim Root and Mick Thompson did an interview for a guitar mag.  In it Jim goes into about not knowing who he is writing songs for stone sour a more pop modern rock radio band, or slipknot, fuck it all fuck this world kinda shit.  well Jim....I can admit I am just as confused.

So n ending, enjoy making your "art", continue selling your fucking "gimmick" to the kids, winning grammys, being played on the radio, feeding your spencers "artist of the month" bullshit cause I aint buying it.  And that is a Fact Jack.

Before I go Mr. Corey Taylor or anyone else in Slipknot wanna call bullshit, I challenge you to come on here and prove me wrong, hell maybe we can meet up and chat so you can tell your side of things.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


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Cant get enough of this Southern Underground supergroup from New Orleans.  3 LPs and 4 EPs to be released this year.  Know its no secret Im a fan of Phil Anselmos music, but all their songs are poetic bombs in your ears, from doom to Sludge to heavy this band seases to amaze me.

Ceelo -Green

This cats voice and songs always put me in a good mood.  Now Im not a big fan of his shit with the goody mob, but check this cat out and some of his older shit. 

Side note:  I would love to bein this dudes entourage, wild outfits and all.

Justin Timberlake

Listen to one of his songs, than tell me your still angry.... I DARE YA!

Suicide Silence

Its a pretty know fact Im not a big fan of today's metal scene, but this band makes me wanna punch you in the face.  First heard them on the original Mayhem Fest while spending all day to meet a lil known DJ called Star scream.  Boy was I pissed I stood in line instead of rockin to the cats.


Must I say anything?

Morbid Angel

Im an old school metal head at heart, what can I say.

Rick Ross

He's a boss!  Plus I love randomly yelling UGH!!! at people.

The Game

Love his flow and style.  Plus I think I was a gangbanger from south central LA in another life.

Notorious B.I.G

I can thank my late good homie Alex (RIP) for introducing me to this cat in the mid 2000s, LOL SMH, talk about late.  Also my brother Adam "strawberry shortcake"

John Lennon

Thanks You Dad for introducing me to this brilliant mind!

This album possibly changed my life for the Worst?

Marilyn Mansons Antichrist superstar changed my life in many ways, but before I get to that, lets go over how I aqcuired this masterpiece of the 90s.

I grew up in the south in trailer parks most my life.  My mother was a lifetime cashier and my step-dad always worked low paying jobs.  Well one day in the early 2000s my mother became "manager" of a run- down trailer park off Nations Ford Rd. in North Mecklenburg Count, Charlotte, N.C.   Part of her daily duties was to take rent as well as clean out recently vacated trailers.  Most of them were rented by 8 mexicans plus, straight cash no peaky ing-less, anyways, I was helping my mom clean one out one summer afternoon, when I I entered the one room I sen a box of cassette tapes, ( how bout that here we were in the 2000s and some fuck had cassettes), I could care less,  anyways being the curious young fucker I was, I got curious and went through it.  JACK-POT!!!  Ifound a cassette with the Antichrist Superstar name on it as well as Mansons,  sweeet is all that ran into my head,  I stuffed it in my pocket and finished helping.

Now why was I so excited to have found this, well 1.  I grew up dirt poor, but that is neither here or now so lets move on for now.  2.  I was always told I could not listen to Manson due to his "image" and message.  My mother was a "part-time" catholic who pretended more to care if anything. 

Well somehow along the way I manged to have a cassette player walkman,  turmed it on, and was blown away from the start.

Now if my memory suits me, the first track is " Fuckers Anthem", OH MY FUCKING GOD too hear that at 13, specially, "Everybody's someone elses n*gger, I know you are so am I, i wasn't born with enough middle fingers"... was I blown away.  Now at that time Manson was set to release " HOLYWOOD" I didnt know at the time, could give a fuck less, but this album, " the Beautiful People", "Tourniquet" just blew me away.  Who in the late 90s/.early 2000s wasnt chanting, "the beautiful people, the beautiful people..."   At the time this album had to be so influential on the music scene as a whole, "shock-rock" and "nu-metal" too be more specific.

After listening to this album for hours over and over and over and over again, the walkman finally ate it up.  I wanted more though.  Evil, sick, scare your fucking parents music is all I wanted.  My mom never found out about it nonetheless, but my neeed for more never ended.  Being poor I went through some extreme shit to get music, well nothing too crazy, but none the less!

Till next time, FUCK YA LATER,

Mission Statement

I created this blog for the main reason to vent on  music and life.  Good times, Bad times, You know Ive seen my share..." is what someBritish cat said back in the 70s.  Well I think that is what music and sports gives you.  These two things take you on an emotional rollercoaster day in and day out. 

    Thoroughout this blog I may also "bitch" about certain everyday life experiences as well.  So buckle up, you are in for a hellacious ride!!!