Thursday, September 27, 2012

Prodigal Son

Its not always easy making your way through life, atleast for me it's never been that way.  I've always tried to move to my own groove no matter what, choosing to do certain things on my way make up who I am today I'd like to say.  Ive been high, laughed, cried, been pissed off, satisfied, dissappointed, hell I even had a gun pulled on me just cause I had to do shit MY WAY, no matter what anybody has told me.  Don't get me wrong I have never been one to get down and dirty with hardcore (ha) drugs as some would say, never slept with over ten women or more than one woman at once, but that does not mean I haven't lived.  I decided after I graduated High school I was going to the workforce, fuck everyone who said college, I didnt give a fuck.  I was lost in that typical American instant gratification mindset.  Today Im like "Man, shoulda went to school".  Do I regret that...NO.  Looking back on shit I have done in life, I really do not regret much.  Why not? you ask.  Well because I take everything you do in life is a learning experience, whether the outcome be good or bad,  why regret it.  You atleast learned from the exerience and can go on from there, and use those experiences as "teachers aids" as to do or not do.  Now Im not saying to yell " Fuck authority!!" or anything like that but... well my father put it best..." A wise man learn's from his mistakes...A brilliant man learns from others"  or something along those lines. (HA!)   Im also not saying live your life sheltered or keep your children protected from the world, don't get me wrong this world's can be pretty nasty, but it can be beautiful as well.  Now had I listened to my best friend ( who I love do death, known for years would do ALMOST anything for)  I would not have stopped on my bike in a bad section of Philadelphia and ask for directions, eventually having a gun drawn along the way.   But shit like that today, Im like, WOW, shit got real, shoulda listened to my boy.  Well now I know what not to do.  We laugh on it now, but shit could of hit the fan all because I was an angry 15 yr old who didnt give a fuck.  But like I said some shit is ok to learn on your own.  Now every persons situation has it own circumstances, but be true to yourself and do what you "THINK" is right.  Might not be at that moment, but fuck it.  Life is gona end some day, but in the mean time let's learn as much as we can frome one another and atleast try to improve our society as a whole for all the people to come after us.



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  1. I'm proud of the man you have become bro. I really mean that. You are taking care of your family and really beginning to make your way in this world. Again, all I can say is I'm really proud of you, even though I don't say it as much as I should.