Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This album possibly changed my life for the Worst?

Marilyn Mansons Antichrist superstar changed my life in many ways, but before I get to that, lets go over how I aqcuired this masterpiece of the 90s.

I grew up in the south in trailer parks most my life.  My mother was a lifetime cashier and my step-dad always worked low paying jobs.  Well one day in the early 2000s my mother became "manager" of a run- down trailer park off Nations Ford Rd. in North Mecklenburg Count, Charlotte, N.C.   Part of her daily duties was to take rent as well as clean out recently vacated trailers.  Most of them were rented by 8 mexicans plus, straight cash no peaky ing-less, anyways, I was helping my mom clean one out one summer afternoon, when I I entered the one room I sen a box of cassette tapes, ( how bout that here we were in the 2000s and some fuck had cassettes), I could care less,  anyways being the curious young fucker I was, I got curious and went through it.  JACK-POT!!!  Ifound a cassette with the Antichrist Superstar name on it as well as Mansons,  sweeet is all that ran into my head,  I stuffed it in my pocket and finished helping.

Now why was I so excited to have found this, well 1.  I grew up dirt poor, but that is neither here or now so lets move on for now.  2.  I was always told I could not listen to Manson due to his "image" and message.  My mother was a "part-time" catholic who pretended more to care if anything. 

Well somehow along the way I manged to have a cassette player walkman,  turmed it on, and was blown away from the start.

Now if my memory suits me, the first track is " Fuckers Anthem", OH MY FUCKING GOD too hear that at 13, specially, "Everybody's someone elses n*gger, I know you are so am I, i wasn't born with enough middle fingers"... was I blown away.  Now at that time Manson was set to release " HOLYWOOD" I didnt know at the time, could give a fuck less, but this album, " the Beautiful People", "Tourniquet" just blew me away.  Who in the late 90s/.early 2000s wasnt chanting, "the beautiful people, the beautiful people..."   At the time this album had to be so influential on the music scene as a whole, "shock-rock" and "nu-metal" too be more specific.

After listening to this album for hours over and over and over and over again, the walkman finally ate it up.  I wanted more though.  Evil, sick, scare your fucking parents music is all I wanted.  My mom never found out about it nonetheless, but my neeed for more never ended.  Being poor I went through some extreme shit to get music, well nothing too crazy, but none the less!

Till next time, FUCK YA LATER,

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