Friday, September 28, 2012


"Bad" words are used in my every daily speech.  Why as a society say "You can't say that"?  It's bad to swear around your kids, and god forbid you swear around another persons.  Why do we try not to use these words around kids?  Are we really protecting them for something, or do we just not want to be the blame when our kid tells someone to fuck off!  They're gonna hear 'em, definately will use them, but why is it wrong?  now I'm not trying to justify myself by any means, in my opinion I have a very very bad potty mouth, hell when I call my boy at work and tell him too take me off speaker, he goes " Aww man".  I asked why he does that today on a call, his rebutal, " Cuz i know your gonna be cursing up a storm about something!"  (HA).  Sad, but true.  Back to my point though,  I have a theory that people think its wrong to curse around children, cause they don't wanna be the one who are called "terrible" cause they curse around their children.  At the end of the day YOU can not, will not, STOP bad words passing your kids ears.  They're fucking everywhere man, TV, music, movies, that delusional vietnam vet begging for change.  They will hear it, so why is it such a big deal.  My parents swore round me all the time growing up,  deny it all they want, but hey.  For the state of the society we live in, I think we got bigger problems than your  or my kids saying hiney or weiner.  Ive probably been swaering since I could talk, hell as legend has it, my sister had me watching "cheech and chong up in smoke" when I was 5, my dad came and Iyell at him " Dad, guess what they're smoking?.......DOG SHIT!!!"  As humorous it is to me now, who gets blamed, the writers of the film,  my sister for allowing me to watch it?  Depends on how you look at it.  It didnt make me all fucked up in the head from it. I don't butcher people beacuse of it, or numerous other things people do, but choose to blame everyone but themselves.  Now don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for " bad" words, I've violated this, but I'll admit it " slipped".  (BULLSHIT it did).  I chose to use those words. (Who?)  I CHOSE TO USE THE GODDAM FUCKING WORDS!!!  At the end of the day as adults, and or parents we decide what children absorb, but can we really prevent them.  Im pretty sure Ed Gein probably had a good upbringing,  it just so happened HE chose to kill people, wear their skin, tuck his balls between his legs and sing Im so pretty.  You know how many times I watch the news, someone's kid did somethingwrong, and the parents like, " Not my kids child, I DID NOT raise him that way!"  TRUE it may be, BUT at the end of the day your child was influenced by someone or thing elsewhere.  My point is you can't prevent everything a child will say or do.  One day he or she will have to step out into society and make their own minds up.  Now this isn't me telling you to say FUCK your kids, let them do what ever they feel, Im not influence as fit.  Some parents are worse than other, but please don't jump my shit the next time my kid flips you the bird, and say GO FUCK YOURSELF,  you probably deserved to hear that anyways if you think off.

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  1. Hmm, I don't know bud, I think you might be missing a major point of parenting. Its honest and there are some true points you make, but my personal opinion is that they are short sighted. There is more evidence that would showcase a contrary argument on principle amongst reasonable AND unreasonable people.