Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sold out and head ache

 ( I do not own the rights to this image or claim it as mine)

This band blew my mind back in the day.  I can still remember them coming out like yesterday.  It was all fuck the world cause were gonna dominate it, now, its like we are "artisist" and as artist we grow.  Fuck that I listened to the self- titled album and Iowa album over and over again back in the day, hell I heard the secret song "eeyore" only because I fell asleep listening to the album, heard people talking and thought a party was happening.

Songs like "wait and bleed", "eyeless", " get this" "people = shit", " disasterpiece" blew, just blew my fucking mind.  Than the band took a break, some did solo projects, I ll admit "Stone Sour"s first album rocked with its fucking eerie ass vibe it gave me.

Then they released " Vol:3 the Subliminal Verses", took me a step back at first, but I was like "eh It's doable".  "Duality" and "Before I Forget' got plenty of play time on the radio and MtV.  I had my thoughts but okay I except it for what it was.  " Virus of Life" and "Pulse of the Maggots" atleast had that slipknot edge.  They won a Grammy, blah blah blah, and released another dvd.  Watching Clowns interview had me cracking the fuck up he said something like (while holding grammy award)  this is what I strive for,  I tell kids if you want it, you got to work hard.   Fuck that shit.  Two years ago your telling me be proud your different, fuck what the mainstream tells you.  He goes on.

Finally Im brought to " All hope is gone"  Mindfucked.  "psychosocial" brings the slipknot vibe back, but than you here "dead memories" and " snuff"  and Im like WTF?!!!  Slipknot writes love songs now?  Back when the album came out Slipknot guitarist Jim Root and Mick Thompson did an interview for a guitar mag.  In it Jim goes into about not knowing who he is writing songs for stone sour a more pop modern rock radio band, or slipknot, fuck it all fuck this world kinda shit.  well Jim....I can admit I am just as confused.

So n ending, enjoy making your "art", continue selling your fucking "gimmick" to the kids, winning grammys, being played on the radio, feeding your spencers "artist of the month" bullshit cause I aint buying it.  And that is a Fact Jack.

Before I go Mr. Corey Taylor or anyone else in Slipknot wanna call bullshit, I challenge you to come on here and prove me wrong, hell maybe we can meet up and chat so you can tell your side of things.


  1. Grown men don't dress up like deuches in order to sell records. They are obviously nothing but a gimmick and sellouts.

    They're sooo scary...