Wednesday, September 26, 2012


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Cant get enough of this Southern Underground supergroup from New Orleans.  3 LPs and 4 EPs to be released this year.  Know its no secret Im a fan of Phil Anselmos music, but all their songs are poetic bombs in your ears, from doom to Sludge to heavy this band seases to amaze me.

Ceelo -Green

This cats voice and songs always put me in a good mood.  Now Im not a big fan of his shit with the goody mob, but check this cat out and some of his older shit. 

Side note:  I would love to bein this dudes entourage, wild outfits and all.

Justin Timberlake

Listen to one of his songs, than tell me your still angry.... I DARE YA!

Suicide Silence

Its a pretty know fact Im not a big fan of today's metal scene, but this band makes me wanna punch you in the face.  First heard them on the original Mayhem Fest while spending all day to meet a lil known DJ called Star scream.  Boy was I pissed I stood in line instead of rockin to the cats.


Must I say anything?

Morbid Angel

Im an old school metal head at heart, what can I say.

Rick Ross

He's a boss!  Plus I love randomly yelling UGH!!! at people.

The Game

Love his flow and style.  Plus I think I was a gangbanger from south central LA in another life.

Notorious B.I.G

I can thank my late good homie Alex (RIP) for introducing me to this cat in the mid 2000s, LOL SMH, talk about late.  Also my brother Adam "strawberry shortcake"

John Lennon

Thanks You Dad for introducing me to this brilliant mind!

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  1. Love Lennon, BIGGIE, and Rick Ross!!!!!!!